Balance the Budget

Governor Standing Strong on a Balanced Budget

“And I will not sign a budget that is a partial budget. We want to address the entire $26 billion and we want to do it by making the necessary cuts and also getting rid of the waste and abuse that’s going on within those programs.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Remarks, 7/6/09)

“We have $26 billion less coming in than are going out and that’s why we have to make the cuts and that’s why we have to learn how to live within our means. You now, I know it’s difficult, I know it’s very challenging for them but that’s what we have to do.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Remarks, 7/6/09)

“But I will not be part of pushing the current fiscal crisis down the road. I think it is very important for us to be responsible and to address the entire $24 billion—which now, by the way, because we have not met the deadline, is up to $26.3 billion.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/2/09)

“So the bottom line is to the legislators I say let’s focus all of our energy on getting the budget done. Let us work together and let’s do everything that we can so we produce a really good budget and deal with the entire $27 billion.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/2/09)

“So I don’t want to kick that can down the alley anymore. I’ve given them enough chances and now I said, ‘Let’s fix this problem. The whole budget is linked together. It is because it is all number related. We’ve got to cut down and we’ve got to cut down the spending and live within our means.’ That’s the key thing.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/2/09)

“So I sent their budget back and I vetoed it, forcefully and without any hesitation, because their response was not a solution to our budget problem but it was literally an invitation to a bigger budget crisis. They refused to streamline government, they refused to deal with the entire $24 billion deficit, they refused to consolidate agencies, they refused to cut unnecessary boards and commissions and they refused to undertake reforms to root out the massive waste and fraud and abuse that’s going on in some of our largest programs that we have.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/2/09)

“I will not sign a budget that has any tax increases or that is partial solutions. I only will sign a budget that deals with the entire $26 billion deficit.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/2/09)

“The important thing now is that we address the entire $26 billion deficit, that we don’t pretend that we’re solving the budget problem, that we don’t do it in piecemeal, that we don’t try to do $5 billion today and $5 billion next month and so on. Let’s address the entire problem at one time. I think that the taxpayers deserve that.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/1/09)

“What we want to do is have real cuts and then have an effect in the out years so that we can be fiscally responsible and show to the financial community that we are fiscally responsible.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/1/09)

“Now, of course, there is no time to waste. That is the important thing to know. And this is why two weeks ago I addressed the joint session of the legislature and I let them know immediate and comprehensive action must be taken to close the entire $24 billion. And the reason why I say the entire $24 billion is because there sometimes is a tendency in Sacramento to only do part of the job, which they have done historically. So I said I will not accept a budget that only addresses part of this; it has to be the whole $24 billion.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 6/18/09)

“We must stand up and deal with the realities, not blindly ignore them or live in denial. For decades Sacramento has kicked that can down the alley and ran away from the tough decisions. I think that time is over. There is absolutely no place left to hide. The days of gimmicks and the days of denial are literally over. California’s day of reckoning is finally here.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 6/12/09)

“I’m calling on the legislature to send me a budget immediately that closes the entire $24 billion deficit. We cannot have a piecemeal approach here—we have done that in the past—or do it by steps or phases while praying that maybe our revenues come back and that our economy comes back. It won’t happen. Such a miracle doesn’t exist.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 6/12/09)

“But what is not acceptable is to go and to come up with a budget solution of maybe $15 billion and then later on with a $5 billion solution and then later on with a $1 billion solution. The people of California expect us to solve this problem once and for all and not to kick that can down the alley.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Remarks, 6/9/09)

“The immediate task before us is to cut spending to the money that is available to us. We have no time to waste.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 6/2/09)

“Our wallet is empty, our bank is closed and our credit is dried up…We must make these cuts and live within in our means, because what is the alternative? If we don’t act, the state will simply run out of money and go insolvent.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 6/2/09)