No Tax Increases

Governor Standing Strong on No Taxes or Fees

“And I think that we have to go and do this for the people of California. That’s what we promised, that we’re going to go live within our means, that we make the changes, we make the system more efficient and we are not going to raise taxes and we’re going to make the necessary cuts.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Remarks, 7/8/09)

“Well, I made this very clear, that I will never sign a budget with a tax increase or with extra fees or any other kind of a trickery that may be proposed. Absolutely not.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Remarks, 7/6/09)

“For decades, Sacramento has pushed their financial problems down the road. For decades they have spent more money than we have taken in. But pushing the problem down the road doesn’t help anybody. So what I say now is the road has stopped here. We’re not going to push it anymore down the road. This is a dead-end street.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/3/09)

“We have a limited amount of money, and therefore it’s very important and only fair to the taxpayers that we live within our means and also get rid of the waste and the fraud we all know exists. Let’s get in there.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/3/09)

“As I have said many times, we just had and agreed to the biggest tax increase in the history of California. We increased our taxes by $12.5 billion. We all agreed during those budget negotiations in February that we will never go back again to a tax increase, that this is it, no matter how bad the situation gets or the economy gets, and everyone agreed to that.

“So I have only stuck to my word. And I have helped in these very difficult times and I was the first to come along in 18 years to go and say yes, let’s do a tax increase. We need more revenues. But now we have that. We have the $12.5 billion, so now we have to make the necessary cuts.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 7/3/09)

“And at that moment, during those negotiations, all four legislative leaders, including myself, promised each other that even if the situation gets worse and we have a bigger crisis with our revenues, that we would never go back again to the tax question, because we have just raised the taxes by $12.5 billion.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Remarks, 7/2/09)

“I said, I will not sign a budget that has tax increases in that budget. I find it somewhat outrageous to go and to ask the people for a tax increase but at the same time to refuse a proposal that I put forward, which is to cut the state employees’ pay by 5 percent. They refused that and rejected that and voted it down. But to go to you then and ask you for more money, it doesn’t make any sense to me.” (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Speech, 6/18/09)