Have you been feeling off lately? Not yourself and can’t quite put your finger on why? There could be a sinister reason for your unsettled state of mind. Someone out there may have placed a curse or hex on you through black magic. 

Don’t worry, the effects are often reversible. But first, you need to determine if you’ve fallen victim to the dark arts. Here are eleven signs that black magic may have been done on you. If more than a couple ring true, it’s time to take action. 

What Is Black Magic

The practice of black magic involves harnessing supernatural abilities in order to achieve malicious and self-serving goals. It is meant to harm others by manipulating energy and spiritual forces. 

Some people use dark magic to control someone else’s emotions, while others use it as a means of expressing animosity or hatred. If you find yourself targeted by such malevolent forces, there is hope, though – black magic can be counteracted. 

Unexplained Bad Luck And Misfortunes

Have you been experiencing an unusual streak of bad luck lately? Misfortunes happening one after the other for no apparent reason could be a sign that someone has placed a curse on you.

Little things start going wrong in your day-to-day life. You miss your bus or train, spill coffee on yourself, lose or break things constantly. The frequency and intensity of these unexplained mishaps seem disproportionate to mere chance or coincidence.

Your relationships suffer for no obvious cause. Out of the blue, friends become distant or hostile, partners become indifferent or critical, family members quarrel over trivial matters. For no clear reason, the people closest to you suddenly seem to turn against you.

Your intuition warns you that something feels very wrong. An inner voice alerts you that dark forces may be conspiring against you. Trust your instincts – they could be trying to tell you that you’ve been cursed.

Mysterious Illnesses

Do you suffer from strange illnesses that doctors can’t diagnose or treat? Or, perhaps you are a diabetic but can’t seem to lower your blood sugars even with insulin? 

Black magic practitioners will often hex victims with unexplained nausea, body pains, headaches or stomach problems. The ailments come on quickly but medical tests show nothing wrong.

These hexes are designed to weaken and demoralize the victim. Don’t ignore persistent health issues that don’t make sense. Seek spiritual or magical help to diagnose and remove any curses. 

Protect yourself by keeping a piece of black tourmaline or obsidian on you, wearing evil eye jewelry or carrying protective talismans.

The key is to not suffer in silence or blame yourself for these health problems. Black magic is often done covertly so the victim feels isolated and hopeless. Connecting with others for support and guidance can help lift the veil of darkness surrounding you.

Feeling Weak, Tired or Fatigued For No Reason

Feeling constantly drained of energy for no apparent reason is one of the major signs of black magic done on you. You may experience unexplained fatigue and lack of vitality even after getting enough rest and sleep.

You feel lethargic and weak despite maintaining a normal routine and lifestyle. Simple everyday tasks seem to require a huge amount of effort and drain you completely. This is because black magic uses your own life force and energy against you, leaving you in a perpetual state of weakness and tiredness.

Some days you may feel so depleted that even getting out of bed feels like a chore. You crave for rest and solitude but even sleep does not seem to help rejuvenate you. An unquenchable thirst, headaches, and pain in the back or joints often accompany this excessive fatigue.

If this tiredness is not due to any medical condition or physiological factor, it could indicate that someone has cast an evil eye or black magic spell on you to drain you of your vitality and strength.

To counter this, you need to strengthen your aura and life force through meditation, yoga, and positive thinking. Spending time in nature, surrounding yourself with loving people, and doing things you truly love can help boost your energy levels. 

Unexplained Noises

Hearing strange knocking, scratching or banging noises coming from the walls, attic or basement that seem to have no source can be quite unsettling. If the sounds persist or intensify over time, it may indicate a sinister spiritual presence.

Electrical or Electronic Issues

Problems with lights flickering or going out, TVs/radios turning on by themselves or acting strangely can sometimes indicate the presence of paranormal activity. While wiring issues or power surges are often the culprit, if the problems continue after troubleshooting, it may be a sign of dark forces at work.

Doors/Windows Opening or Closing

Finding doors, cabinets or windows in your home opening or closing by themselves with no logical explanation can be quite disturbing. If this starts happening frequently or aggressively, it may signify a malevolent spirit attempting to gain access or make its presence known.

Objects Going Missing or Being Moved

Having important objects disappear or turn up in strange places, especially if they were just seen or used recently, could indicate trickster spirits or magic at play. 

While forgetfulness or accidentally misplacing items does happen, if these incidents become frequent or the objects are found in very bizarre spots, it may point to supernatural forces manipulating your surroundings.

Unpleasant Smells

Foul, rotting odors that come and go suddenly with no apparent source can signify dark magic or spirits. While checking for any possible physical causes of the smells, also consider saging or otherwise cleansing the area to eliminate any negative spiritual presences.

Gut feeling

Ever had that nagging feeling in your gut that something just isn’t right? Our intuition is a powerful thing, and if you suspect you may be under a black magic spell, your instincts could be telling you something. Pay attention to them.

Some signs your gut may be picking up on:

  • You feel unexplainably irritable, anxious or “off” and can’t pinpoint why.
  • You have a nagging sense of dread or impending doom for no reason.
  • Your energy levels are chronically depleted no matter how much rest you get.
  • You feel like obstacles keep being placed in your path, preventing you from achieving goals or finding happiness.
  • Your relationships seem to be breaking down for unexplained reasons.
  • You have strange accidents, injuries or illnesses that come out of nowhere.

Don’t ignore these gut feelings. While they could be pointing to other issues like health problems or hormonal changes, they may also indicate you’re under the influence of dark magic. Trust your intuition – if something feels very wrong, it probably is. 

Recurring Nightmares or Disturbed Sleep

Do you frequently experience strange or frightening nightmares that repeat themselves? Or do you often wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and have trouble falling back asleep? This could be a sign that black magic was used to disturb your usual sleep patterns.

Black magic practitioners will sometimes curse or hex their victims to experience restless nights and recurrent bad dreams. The night is seen as a vulnerable time when our conscious defenses are down, so nocturnal disturbances are thought to weaken and frighten the victim. 

If you find yourself dreading sleep because of the terrors that await you, or if you suffer insomnia and restlessness for extended periods of time, it may indicate a black magic curse intended to plague your nights.

Some other signs of cursed sleep include:

  • Waking up at the same time every night, often around 3am, which is seen as an ‘unholy hour’.
  • Hearing strange noises, voices or sounds when trying to fall asleep.
  • Feeling like something or someone heavy is sitting on your chest.
  • Feeling an ominous presence in the room that frightens or threatens you.
  • Physical sensations like feelings of choking or an inability to move.
  • Seeing frightening entities, creatures or symbols in a half-awake, half-asleep state.

If your sleep has become a frightening experience due to recurring horrors and you’ve ruled out medical causes, it’s possible black magic may be targeting your vulnerable nighttime hours. 

Seeing Symbols Related To Black Magic

Seeing strange symbols that you haven’t noticed before is one of the signs that black magic may have been done on you. These emblems are used by practitioners to focus negative energy and cast curses or spells. 

Some common symbols include:

  • Pentagrams: A five-pointed star often associated with witchcraft and magic. Seeing this symbol, especially if it’s inverted, could indicate a hex.
  • Voodoo vevers: Elaborate symbols used in voodoo rituals to invoke spirits. Spotting one of these, which frequently incorporate skulls, snakes or crosses, may point to a voodoo curse.
  • Runes: Ancient letters from Germanic alphabets that are used by some magic practitioners to manifest desires and manipulate energy. Noticing runic letters arranged in a pattern could signify you’ve been targeted by a ritual using rune magic.
  • 666: Sometimes (but not always), this number has an evil connotation.


Now that you know what to look for, stay vigilant and trust your instincts. If you notice these signs in yourself or someone close to you, don’t ignore them. Seek help from a spiritual healer or practitioner of the occult. They can perform cleansing rituals and help remove any curses or hexes that may have been placed. 

Remember that knowledge is power. The more you educate yourself about these malicious practices, the less power they hold over you. You deserve to live a happy, healthy, and curse-free life surrounded by people who wish you well. Don’t let dark forces dim your light. Stay positive – your strength and goodness will always prevail.

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