Ever wonder if you’ve lived a past life as someone of noble birth? You go through your day feeling like the mundane routines of an average life just don’t quite fit. There’s something more regal in you waiting to break free. Well, your instincts could be onto something. 

If several of these signs ring true, you may have actually lived a past life as royalty. Maybe in a previous era, you wore lavish gowns, ruled kingdoms, and were treated like, well, a king or queen. Fantastical as it seems, reincarnation could be real.

You Have Memories of Living In A Palace

Do you have vivid memories of living in an opulent palace? That could be a clue you lived royally in a past life.

  • You remember details like marble floors, gilded trim, and grand staircases. The lavish surroundings feel familiar, even though you’ve never actually seen anything like that in this life.
  • You have memories of wearing elaborate clothes that signify high status, like crowns, tiaras or gem-encrusted gowns and robes. These outfits seem natural to you, as if you wore them before.
  • You recall having servants and attendants catering to your every need. The experience of being pampered and waited on hand and foot is familiar to you, even though you’ve never lived that way in this current life.
  • You have memories of holding a position of power over others. You can vividly recall what it felt like to rule over subjects and command authority as royalty.
  • You keep having dreams about luxury buildings, gold, or crowns.
  • You feel a strong connection to certain time periods or locations associated with royalty like the Tudor era, Ancient Egypt or Imperial China. You may even feel you lived as a member of a particular royal family from history.

Do several of these signs ring true for you? If so, there’s a good chance you lived an opulent life of privilege as royalty in another lifetime. No wonder you feel so at home in a palace!

You’re Drawn To Fine Things And Luxury

If luxurious fabrics, gourmet meals, and fine art make you swoon, you just might have been royalty in another life. Perhaps you even:

  • Have an eye for quality and artistry. Royal courts were surrounded by beautiful objects, music, art, and architecture. If stunning craftsmanship gives you goosebumps, that’s a clue.
  • Value high-quality, gourmet food and drink. Royalty dined on the finest cuisine with exotic spices and ingredients. If you get excited about truffle oil, saffron, or premier grand cru, you probably hosted grand feasts in another era.
  • Feel most at home in an opulent setting. There’s something about crystal chandeliers, silk tapestries, and marble that just feels right. While others may see it as excessive, you find grandeur uplifting.
  • Believe you deserve the best. Whether due to your privileged upbringing or an ingrained sense of entitlement from a past life, you expect a certain level of decadence as your due.

If this hits close to home, embrace your inner prince or princess. While you may not have servants attending to your every need today, you can still surround yourself with beauty and live royally. Treat yourself like the nobility you were born to be.

You Have A Vision And Know How To Rally Support

Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and the ability to excite others to support your mission? The capacity to inspire followers and gain their loyalty is a hallmark of a natural leader. 

Royalty would have needed this skill to rule effectively and advance their agenda. If this describes you, it’s likely you had leadership experience in a previous lifetime.

You’re also probably skilled at resolving conflicts and bringing people together around a common purpose. Royalty was responsible for the well-being of their subjects, so strong mediation abilities would have been essential. Do you seem to intuitively know how to navigate difficult conversations and find compromise? That poise and wisdom points to leadership in another time.

Some other signs of natural charisma that could indicate you ruled in a past life:

  • You’re confident in social situations and able to captivate an audience.
  • You tend to take charge in group settings without seeming bossy.
  • You’re persuasive and able to motivate people to action.
  • You have a presence that commands respect.
  • You think strategically about how to achieve goals and the impact of decisions.

If these qualities resonate with you, it’s likely your royal leadership skills have carried into this lifetime. Make the most of them by using your talents to serve others in a positive way.

People Go To You For Advice

People gravitate to you for advice and counsel. There’s just something about you that inspires confidence and trust. Friends, family, and even strangers open up to you and ask for your input on important life decisions. You have a knack for seeing situations clearly and objectively, then offering guidance to help others find their own answers.

This ability to lead and advise is a common trait found in those with a royal lineage. As a leader, you were looked upon for wisdom and direction. Your words carried great influence over the lives of your subjects. Though the circumstances today are quite different, that innate gift of counsel has stayed with you.

You don’t demand people follow your advice without question. Rather, you empower others by helping them gain a new perspective and confidence in their own judgment. Your role is not to dictate but to shed light on the path, allowing people to freely choose their own direction. 

This diplomatic and egalitarian approach is the mark of a true sovereign – one who rules not by force but by the consent and respect of their people.

If your friends and family members frequently ask, “what would you do?” or say you should charge money for your advice, it might be a sign you have made wise and successful decisions in the past. The ability to guide others is a gift that often stems from lifetimes of leadership experience – the kind that only comes from being royalty.

You Have This Inner Feeling That You Can Achieve Anything

Some part of you just knows, deep down, that you were born to do great things. Even if you can’t quite put your finger on why you feel this way, you have an innate sense of confidence in your abilities and potential.

This could be a sign that you were royalty in a past life. 

Those of noble birth often had a strong sense of purpose and destiny. They were groomed from an early age to rule, lead armies, shape politics, and make important decisions. This lifetime of preparation gave them an unshakeable belief in themselves and their capacity for greatness.

Some part of that self-assurance and regal bearing may have carried over into your present life. While you may not sit on an actual throne today, you still feel equipped to conquer whatever challenges come your way and capable of having an impact on the world. You have lofty goals and dreams that you fully intend to achieve because, deep down, you know you were born to shine.

This inner knowing is a clue that your soul has already lived a life of influence, authority, and leadership. Now, it’s ready to reclaim its crown in this lifetime, in whatever form that may take. Have the courage to pursue your grandest visions – your royal self expects nothing less!


You may not have the crown jewels or castle now, but the regal spirit lives on in you. Pay attention to the subtle hints from your past royal self. Embrace your natural nobility and leadership qualities. Channel the wisdom and grace from lifetimes past into making a positive difference in the world today, however big or small. 

Though your kingdom is now gone, the light you brought to your people’s lives continues to ripple through time. You have so much to offer. Let your inner royalty inspire you to stand up straighter, hold your head high, and spread compassion wherever your journey takes you. 

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