You’ve been feeling a little off lately. Nauseous in the mornings, craving pickles at odd hours, noticing some swelling in places you don’t usually swell. Could it be that a little cosmic miracle is in the making? Your natal chart, that celestial snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born, may provide some clues about your fertility and potential pregnancy.

Certain astrological indicators can point to heightened fertility or an increased possibility of pregnancy during certain times. Even if you’re not planning to conceive, knowing when you may be more susceptible to an ‘oops’ moment can help ensure you take proper precautions. Let’s look at some of the major astrological hints that could mean a baby might be in your future.

The Big 3: Jupiter, Venus, And The Moon

When looking at your natal chart for pregnancy indicators, focus on the big three: Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon.


Jupiter is the planet of development, physical and spiritual growth, and abundance. Having Jupiter in a fertile sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces in the 5th house of children can indicate the potential for pregnancy and childbirth. Jupiter transiting these houses or making positive aspects to planets in these houses often coincides with pregnancy.


The goddess of love, Venus represents women and fertility. Venus in the 5th house, especially in Taurus or Libra, is a strong pregnancy indicator. Look for Venus making positive aspects (trines and sextiles) to the Moon or Jupiter. When Venus is transiting your 5th house, it may trigger pregnancy or point to a fertile period.

The Moon

The Moon governs the female reproductive system and menstrual cycle. A well-aspected Moon in a fertile sign like Cancer in the 5th house is ideal for pregnancy. The Moon’s transits through this house often coincide with conception or a positive pregnancy test. A Full Moon in this house is especially auspicious.

Paying attention to Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon in your natal chart and current transits can provide valuable insight into your fertility and help pinpoint prime times for conception. While not a guarantee, these celestial bodies may just point you to your baby-making sweet spot!

Other Supporting Planetary Transits And Aspects

When looking at your natal chart for signs of potential pregnancy, pay attention to transits from Jupiter and the Moon, as well as supportive aspects between planets like Venus and Mars.

Jupiter Transits

When Jupiter transits your 5th house of children or aspects your natal Venus or Moon, it can indicate a highly fertile period. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so its influence here suggests possibilities for growth – like a growing baby bump! These transits often last for about a year, so there are plenty of opportunities for new life to blossom.

Moon Transits

If the Moon is transiting your 5th house or making positive aspects to Venus or Mars in your natal chart, it enhances your chances of conceiving around ovulation. The Moon represents women’s fertility cycles, so its transits can pinpoint your most fertile windows for baby-making. Pay extra attention during the peak of your menstrual cycle.

Venus-Mars Aspects

When Venus and Mars make a positive aspect (sextile, trine, conjunction) in the sky, it signifies a period of increased passion and sexuality. Their combined energy stimulates desires for intimacy and improves fertility for both men and women. 

If either planet is transiting your 5th house or aspecting your natal Venus or Mars at the same time, your odds of conceiving a child during this period rise even higher.

While these transits and aspects indicate enhanced fertility, there are never any guarantees. But by understanding the astrological influences on your natal chart, you’ll have a better sense of when the stars are most aligned for pregnancy – and can plan (and practice!) accordingly. Best of luck!

Analyzing Your Natal Chart For Fertility Signifiers

Looking at your natal chart, there are a few key indicators that point to fertility and ease of pregnancy.

The Moon

The moon in a woman’s chart signifies fertility and motherhood. Having the moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or in the 5th house of children indicates a fertile, nurturing nature. The moon’s aspects to Venus (love) or Jupiter (expansion) can also signify fertility or multiple pregnancies.


Venus represents love and relationships. Having Venus in a fertile sign like Taurus or Libra, or in the 5th house, points to a desire for children and parenthood. Positive aspects between Venus and Jupiter or the moon are especially favorable for pregnancy and childbirth.


Jupiter represents growth (both physical and spiritual) and abundance. Its placement and aspects in a woman’s chart signify the potential for pregnancy and childbirth. Having Jupiter in the 5th house of children, or positive aspects to the moon (emotions) or Venus (love) indicate fertility and the possibility of having multiple children.

The 5th House

The 5th house rules creativity, romance, and children. Having several planets here, especially the moon, Venus or Jupiter, signifies a desire for children and suggests fertility. The sign on the cusp of the 5th house also provides clues— water signs point to emotional fulfillment through children, while fire signs indicate passion for creativity and romance.

Looking at these factors in your own chart can provide insight into your fertility and ease of getting pregnant. Pay attention to the specific signs, houses and aspects involved to determine the best ways to cultivate and enhance your creative energies. With self-awareness and patience, you’ll gain valuable perspective on this profound life process.


Nothing is set in stone, but paying attention to what the stars are signaling can help give you a sense of timing and prepare you for this life-changing event. 

The fifth house, its ruler, and planets like the Moon, Venus and Jupiter are especially important to monitor. If you do get that positive test result, examining what was happening in the sky at the time of conception and during your pregnancy can provide cosmic insight into your little one and your journey to motherhood.

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