Upon initial observation, the tarot card known as the Seven of Swords presents an image of a man donning a Fez hat, skillfully making his departure while carrying five swords. His face displays a sly smirk, and his gaze is fixed upon the vibrant tents of a carnival. 

He radiates confidence and satisfaction with regard to successfully pilfering these items. Meanwhile, two swords remain upright on the ground as remnants of what has been left behind.

The Seven of Swords symbolizes a person, either yourself or someone you are familiar with, who lacks genuine concern for your well-being. This card signifies deceit and trickery, as well as a person’s relentless efforts to avoid being exposed for engaging in dishonorable actions.


When asking about the emotions or feelings of another individual, the Seven of Swords indicates that they perceive you as being dishonest. They consistently have concerns regarding your loyalty and whether or not you truly embody the identity you claim to possess.

If you’re seeking love or currently in a fresh romance, this individual may feel unable to be completely truthful about their emotions in your presence. They have concerns regarding how you will react once you uncover their true self, leading to significant stress and anxiety for them.

People who are in an existing or enduring partnership have the potential to perceive the upright Seven of Swords tarot card as representing an individual who constantly feels compelled to conceal certain aspects of themselves. They experience feelings of paranoia when it comes to revealing their true nature, which leads them to opt for secrecy instead.

If you’re hoping for a reunion with an ex, the presence of the Seven of Swords tarot card isn’t very encouraging.

This person experiences a sense of remorse for withholding the truth in previous instances. However, despite being aware of this, they show selfishness by not feeling obligated to rectify the situation presently. It is advisable to prioritize yourself and let go of this individual as they will consistently prioritize their own needs over yours in the future.


In a more optimistic light, the reversed Seven of Swords suggests that an individual is finally releasing themselves from all the trickery and deceit. They have grown weary of engaging in games with you and are eager to discard any false facades as they progress forward.

Individuals who enter into a new relationship will notice that their partner is no longer interested in engaging in repetitive activities. They don’t want to play the “old games.”

This opposite stance indicates a desire for honesty and directness, as they view you as someone they envision being part of their future.

Those in committed relationships can find solace and delight in the reversed Seven of Swords card. It signifies that the person involved is finally releasing themselves from the weight of dishonesty and trickery. This serves as an indication that they have a desire to confess their misdeeds and are prepared for a new beginning.

People asking about an old flame will find that the Seven of Swords reversed signifies an individual who is prepared to confess their deceit and dishonesty. This may be the reason why the two of you ended your relationship initially. If you are considering reuniting, this is an encouraging indication.


Seven Of Swords & Queen Of Pentacles

In this combination, it typically indicates an individual who feels inundated by various aspects of their life. They are facing difficulties in maintaining control and stability. Thus, it may be beneficial to give them space and allow them to find solutions independently during this period.

Seven Of Swords & Knight Of Pentacles

When these two cards are selected simultaneously from the tarot deck, it generally suggests an individual who experiences a sense of inertia in their life. In the realm of relationships, this pairing signifies a lack of enthusiasm and a feeling of being trapped. It is crucial to engage in open communication with your partner to reignite the flame and sustain the flame of affection once more.

Seven Of Swords & 6 Of Cups 

The Seven of Swords tarot card and the Six of Cups represent an individual who experiences a sense of missed opportunities, longing for the days when they were filled with happiness.

It is possible that this person may be longing for a previous relationship. It is your responsibility to help them understand that in order to progress into a more satisfying relationship with you, it is acceptable to acknowledge and value their past experiences while also prioritizing the current connection they have with you.

Seven Of Swords & Ace Of Pentacles 

The Ace of Pentacles and the Seven of Swords address an individual experiencing a sense of being burdened. This could pertain to someone feeling trapped in an unfulfilling occupation.

When interacting with individuals of this nature, it is important to communicate your support and emphasize the significance of taking gradual but consistent actions in order to overcome their current stagnation.

Feelings Associated With Seven Of Swords Card 


The tarot card is frequently linked to experiencing bewilderment is connected to various aspects, such as one’s present circumstances, relationships, or professional trajectory. It is important to give this individual sufficient room to handle matters independently while assuring them of your unwavering support.


The tarot card symbolizes an individual who experiences a lack of confidence in their possessions. They frequently feel unsure about being authentic in your presence. The most effective approach to address this insecurity is to convey that they are the sole focus of your attention.


This particular card is commonly linked with uncertainty and doubt. It represents an individual who harbors doubt and hesitates when it comes to their perception of you, which explains their decision to wear a mask. Your task is to make this person feel accepted and appreciated for who they truly are.

Seven of Swords In Love Reading

When interpreting a love reading, the presence of the Seven of Swords indicates that there is deception within your relationship. This could be due to someone’s deep-seated insecurities or it could indicate a person who is engaging in dishonorable behavior such as lying and cheating, with the intention of getting away with it.

Key Takeaways

  • In tarot readings, the Seven of Swords card is often considered an unfavorable sign. It can indicate the presence of a person who lacks honesty in their dealings with you.
  • Undoubtedly, this individual could potentially be yourself, and your significant other perceives a lack of honesty in your behavior towards them.
  • When the reversed Seven of Swords card emerges, it indicates a person who is prepared to release all the deception and dishonesty in order to establish a more genuine connection with you.
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