Have you heard of the Wu Wei technique? It’s an ancient Law of Attraction method that can help you manifest your desires with ease. Wu Wei means “non-doing” or “effortless action” in Taoist philosophy. The idea is that you get out of your own way and allow the natural flow of life to bring you what you want.

Rather than constantly worrying, planning, and chasing after your goals, the Wu Wei technique encourages you to shift into a mental state of relaxation and trust. When you stop trying so hard to force things to happen, you open yourself up to receive all your heart desires.

This may sound counterintuitive, but that’s the beauty of Wu Wei. It allows you tap into the power of intention and least effort. Your job is to clarify what you want, believe it’s possible, and then get out of the way so you don’t block the manifestation. The less you try to control the how, the more life will surprise you by delivering what you desire in its own perfect way.

The Principles of Wu Wei

The Wu Wei technique is based on allowing things to unfold naturally without force or struggle. The Taoist principle of Wu Wei can be understood as “non-interference” or “non-action.”

When you practice the Wu Wei Law of Attraction technique, you let go of resistance and trust that the universe (the God, or whatever you call it) will deliver your dreams and goals in perfect timing.

Rather than constantly worrying or obsessing over your desires, the Wu Wei technique encourages you to release attachments and relax into the present moment. This allows your energy to flow freely, which in turn attracts your desires to you. 

Some key principles of the Wu Wei LOA method include:

  • Let go of expectations about how and when your desires will manifest. Don’t try to control the process.
  • Avoid negative emotions like impatience, doubt or anxiety. Remain calm and detached from outcomes.
  • Don’t force things to happen. Allow life to unfold naturally without struggle or strain.
  • Practice mindfulness and focus on the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or future.
  • Trust that the universe (the God or whatever you call it) will handle the timing and all the details. Your role is to simply clarify your desires and then release them.
  • Maintain an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment toward yourself and your circumstances. What is meant to be will be.

The Wu Wei Law of Attraction approach requires patience and faith. But by letting go of resistance and allowing desires to manifest in their own time, you open the door for the universe to deliver in miraculous ways. With practice, you’ll get better at the art of effortless creation through Wu Wei.


Going with the flow instead of fighting against what is. Wu Wei teaches us not to resist what’s happening in our lives but to accept it fully. When we stop resisting, we open ourselves up to attract what we desire.


Judging circumstances as “good” or “bad” creates resistance and blocks us from seeing the opportunities that exist in every situation. By suspending judgment, we can remain open to attracting what we want.


Becoming too attached to outcomes can lead to feelings of anxiety, impatience, and lack of control. Wu Wei encourages us to do our best in pursuing our desires, then let go of the outcome. Attachment to results often backfires, while detachment allows the Universe to work its magic.


Wu Wei teaches us to act in a simple, spontaneous way that is true to our nature. When we overcomplicate things or act inauthentically, we create inner conflict and resistance. By acting naturally, we align with the flow of the Universe and open the door for our desires to manifest.

Trust in the universe

At the heart of Wu Wei is a deep trust that the Universe will provide what we need and desire. By cultivating trust, letting go of control, and having faith in the Universe’s ability to manifest our reality, we open the channels for abundance to flow into our lives smoothly and effortlessly.

The principles of Wu Wei perfectly complement the Law of Attraction, creating inner harmony and outer abundance. When we stop resisting what is, let go of judgment and attachment, act naturally, and trust in the Universe, we open ourselves up to receive all the joy and prosperity life has to offer.

How to apply Wu Wei to manifest your desires

To apply the Wu Wei technique to manifest your desires, follow these steps:

Focus your intention

Decide specifically what you want to attract or manifest in your life. Write it down in as much detail as possible so you have clarity on your intention. Refer to this written statement regularly to keep your focus clear.

Express gratitude

Feel gratitude for your desire as if it has already manifested. This positive feeling state will attract more of the same. Say thank you to the Universe and appreciate any signs or movement towards your goal. Gratitude turbocharges the entire manifestation process.

With regular practice of these Wu Wei techniques, you will gain clarity on your desires, release resistance and attract what you want through inspired flow and trust in the Universe. Your role is to focus your intention and get into a positive state of allowing. The Universe will handle the details.

Go with the flow

The Wu Wei philosophy is about moving with the flow of nature and the universe instead of fighting against it. When you apply this to the Law of Attraction, it means letting go of worries, doubts, and control over how and when your desires will manifest. Have faith that the universe will deliver in the perfect way and time.

Don’t force it

The moment you start forcing the issue or becoming impatient, you activate resistance in the form of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. This resistance blocks the flow of energy and information between you and the universe, slowing or preventing your desires from becoming reality.

Relax and allow

The more you relax, appreciate each moment, and allow the universe to do its work, the more you open the channel for your desires to flow to you. This may require retraining yourself to release anxieties and trust in the process. Some tips for relaxing into the flow:

  • Meditate or do light exercise like yoga. This calms the mind and releases resistance.
  • Spend time in nature. The natural world helps shift your mindset to one of peace and acceptance.
  • Let go of how and when. Don’t get attached to the specifics of how your desires will manifest or on what timeline. Have faith it will happen in the perfect way.

With practice, the Wu Wei Law of Attraction technique can help you achieve an almost effortless flow of abundance and joy into your life. Relax, release, and allow the universe to deliver.


Spend time each day visualizing what you want as if you already have it. See yourself living in your dream home, driving your dream car, in your ideal relationship or career. Make the visualizations as vivid and detailed as possible. 

Feel the emotions you would feel if you were already living your desire. This helps to send a strong signal that you are so ready and open to receive it.

Speak in the present tense

When talking about your desire, speak as if you already have it. Say “I am so happy in my new home” rather than “I will be happy when I get my new home.” Speaking in the present tense helps you to embody the feeling and energy of your desire as if it’s already yours. This transmits a vibration to the universe that you are now a match for what you want to attract.

Take action

While using Wu Wei means taking no forceful action, you still need to take inspired action. This means following your intuition and the flow of energy to do things that feel good and help you move closer to your desire. 

For instance, if you want to become a famous YouTuber, you have to create a YouTube channel. Let things unfold naturally rather than trying to control outcomes.

Release attachment

The final step is to release any attachment you have to the outcome. While you have done the work to align your energy with your desire, you must allow the universe to orchestrate the means by which it will come into your life. Have faith that what is meant for you cannot be missed. Let go of worries, doubts and control and flow with the current of life. Your desire will come to you, often in unexpected ways.

Practicing Wu Wei law of attraction technique with patience and consistency can help you to manifest your heart’s deepest desires. Align, visualize, speak, act and release – this is the effortless path to creation.


When you stop chasing after what you want so desperately and instead cultivate inner peace and calmness, you allow what you desire to come to you naturally. The universe always provides – you just have to get out of your own way. 

Relax, breathe and allow the Wu Wei law of attraction to work its magic. Before you know it, what you want will become what you have.

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